How to check if a partition is primary in CentOS+Screenshots

This is a guide on how to check if a partition is primary in centos or not? Use the following […]

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Disassembling my Honor 4C

I dropped my phone while running to work and the screen broke due to the impact. I have been using […]

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nokia 3310 thumbnail

Nokia 3310 refresh will be re-launched this month at MWC 2017

Nokia is set to re-launch the iconic Nokia 3310 this month. It was one of the best phones back in […]

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Happy New Year to all my readers

Happy new year to all my readers!!  Feel free to comment your new year’s resolutions. Hope you have a great […]

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Genuino Uno

Genuino Uno Rev 3 – A Quick Look

Just bought an Genuino Uno R3 and this is a quick look of the same. Pinout Diagram: FYI, below is the […]

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Make CentOS virtual machine in VirtualBox use the host’s VPN Connection

If your host PC (in my case Windows 10) is connected to a VPN but your CentOS 6.x VM is not […]

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honor 4c unlock bootloader link screenshot

Unlock Bootloader Honor 4c + Screenshots

This is a guide on how to unlock the bootloader on Honor 4c running Android 6.0 from a Windows 10 PC. Requirements: HiSuite […]

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Protect against vulnerability CVE-2016-5696 in CentOS 6.8

This guide on how to protect against Off-path TCP vulnerability CVE-2016-5696 in a CentOS 6.8 machine. Run the following command to check […]

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AMD announces RX 470 & RX 460

AMD has announced two more cards RX 470 and the RX 460. The specs (unconfirmed) that we know so far […]

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AMD announces RX 480 at $199

AMD has announced the RX 480 14nm GPU which is VR ready. The RX 480 is meant for gaming at 1440p resolution + VR & its […]

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