Nokia 3310 refresh will be re-launched this month at MWC 2017

Nokia is set to re-launch the iconic Nokia 3310 this month. It was one of the best phones back in 2000 & was built like a TANK! Remember the epic snake game? 🙂 The snake game that came pre-installed in this phone was so popular that you can even downloaded and play it today on your Android/Apple phones.

The phone is set to be launched at about $62 (USD) and will be revealed in MWC 2017 which is happening this month. If you are wondering, didn’t Nokia stop selling phones? Well, it was sold to another Finnish company “HMD Global” that bought rights to the “Nokia” brand.

Personally, I would love to get hands on one of these, wouldn’t you? Daymm, it would feel so retro! 🙂

Here are few hilarious memes about the indestructible Nokia 3310 that will get you laughing hard.

Thor's new hammer nokia 3310


footballer gets new protection - nokia 3310

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