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Run bash script from a Perl script

To run a bash script (Example: bash-script.sh) from inside a perl script, you could use the following syntax:

system("sh", "bash-script.sh")

Note: Here, once the bash script completes execution it will continue with the execution of the perl script.


Perl Script: perl-script.pl
Bash Script: bash-script.sh

Below is a perl script  “perl-script.pl” which calls an external bash script “bash-script.sh”.

use strict;
use warnings;

print "Running parent perl script. \n";
print "Starting to call external bash script\n";

# Sample Argument to be passed to the bash script
my $my_arg = "ARG1";

# With arguments - pass them inside quotes seperated by commas 
system("sh", "bash-script.sh","$my_arg");

print "Back to parent perl script\n";

Below is the sample “bash-script.sh” which prints the variable.

echo "---Start of Bash script---"

echo "Argument from Perl script is" $a

To test, execute the perl script: