Detroit: Become Human – The Game of Choices

Detroit Become Human choices screenshot gameplay

Detroit Become Human is a game developed by Quantic Dream which gives the player multiple choices throughout the game. According to the choices you make, the game changes its course and changes direction. Each choice that a player makes has its own set of consequences that you live with throughout the game.

It took the script writer and director about 2 years to plot this game. The developers even visited Detroit, Michigan to research the setting and cast hundreds of actors from LA, London and Paris before starting the development and animation.

There are 3 main characters that would play in this game- Connor, Kara and Markus.

The game trailers are freaking EPIC!!!. The visuals are stunning, characters are realistic to the next level and the soundtrack is very carefully planted throughout the game.

Check the game trailer out below. (Use your headphones, watch in HD – Trust me, you wont regret it). The game trailer is one of the intense trailers that I have ever come across and has a vibe of Heavy Rain and Deus EX Mankind Divided.

Game Trailer:




Detroit Become Human choices screenshot gameplay



Detroit: Become Human - Connor screenshot

Detroit: Become Human Connor screenshot 2

Detroit: Become Human screenshot


Detroit: Become Human - Marcus Screenshot


Detroit: Become Human - Main Charactors

Detroit: Become Human - SWAT screenshot


Detroit: Become Human - Marcus


Detroit: Become Human – Cast


For those who are interested in the soundtrack. Check them out below:

What are your thoughts on the game trailer? Have you played it yet? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Happy Gaming! 


Image Credits: Game Tyrant, variety, Playstation


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